Sydney Tower

As part of my birthday celebration, aside from checking out the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium and Wild Life Sydney Zoo, with the Merlin Pass, we were also able to check out Sydney Tower. Sydney Tower is Sydney's tallest structure and stands at 1,014 ft above ground. It is located on Market Street and sits above the Westfield shopping center. (As stated, it is WORTH it, to get the Merlin Pass, especially, if you foresee yourself going more than once during the trip.)

Some infographic about Sydney and Sydney Tower as you make your way inside to queue up for the lift. The entrance to the Sydney Tower is located on Level 5 at the Westfield Shopping mall, near the food court (amazing food court, BTW). From there, you can either buy your tickets, if you haven't done so, or continue inside if you have pre-paid tickets or a pass and wait to take the lift to take you up to the tower.

Some pictures of Sydney, while in the tower.

Royal Botanic Gardens

Another view of the Royal Botanic Gardens and The Domain

Sydney Harbour Bridge just behind all the tall buildings

Royal Botanic Gardens to the upper left and Hyde Park bottom left, with St. Mary's Cathedral in the background

Darling Harbour

The building with the green dome is the Queen Victoria Building

Shadow of Sydney Tower over Hyde Park


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