Barangaroo Reserve :: Munn's Slipway

Munn's Slipway, a historical landmark, is part of Barangaroo Reserve, near Nawi Cove. The opening of this reserve has opened a part of Sydney that has been closed off to the public for more than 100 years. This parkland has transformed one of Sydney's oldest industrial sites and the reserve has been designed to complement other headland parks and aims to let visitors get close to the water of the harbour.

The kids and I took a nice long walk from Darling Harbour to Pylon Overlook through Barangaroo Reserve and Munn's Slipway is just one of the sights that you can see. It is stroller friendly and a great place for the children to run off some steam. 


To read more about Munn's Slipway, you can read about it here from the International Conservation Services or from the Barangaroo site.  Construction is still happening in this area and I can't wait to see how it will all turn out.


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