Barangaroo Reserve

The Barangaroo Reserve, is named after an Aboriginal leader, a Cammeraygal womanat the time of European colonization, is a 2.5 acres of recreated Sydney Harbour headland. It offers you a spectacular view of the harbour as you make your way around it, you can view Anzac Bridge on one side and Sydney Harbour Bridge on the other side. It is a great place for walking and cycling as well as offering great picnic spots with great views all around. See the map below, after the pictures.

Munn's Slipway, see my post here, greets you as you start your walk around the reserve. The reserve is totally walkable but if you'd like to go straight up to Stargazer Lawn, you can take the lifts, which are located near Munn's Slipway and in The Cutaway. Bathrooms are located here as well.

Such a great view. I don't blame that guy for just sitting there.

Another view of Sydney Harbour Bridge as you make your way up the reserve

My fearless explorer, M. In front of here is Balmain and you can barely see Anzac Bridge in the background. 

Another view of Munn's Slipway as we made our way back around the reserve


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