Powerhouse Museum

View from the patio of the cafe

The Powerhouse Museum was on my list of museums to check out when in Sydney with the kids. It is a major branch of the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences in Sydney along with the Sydney Observatory and Museums Discovery Centre. This museum is almost 140 years old, having been established in 1879. The Powerhouse Museum has a diverse collection from science, transport, costume to space technology and others. It is home to some 400,000 artifacts and is a well-known tourist destination. 

I wasn't sure how M and O would enjoy the museum, but one of the museum's permanent exhibition is of The Wiggles. They have never seen or heard of The Wiggles before this visit, but I can assure that after this visit, M definitely wants to return to the 'door that has a smiley face.' Plus, there is also a playground on the bottom floor, next to one of the cafes, where you can relax and have eat while your children are able to play close by. 

The museum is open daily from 10am until 5pm and tickets are $15 for adults, with children 16 and under as free. The museum has two cafes but you can leave the museum to eat somewhere else and come back as long as you keep your ticket on you. There is currently a Sherlock Holmes exhibition until October 2017 for an extra fee. I did not pay the extra money to see this exhibition, even though I am a great fan of Sherlock Holmes. Maybe, on another visit. The museum itself is four floors and the kids and I along with another friend and her children, spent nearly five hours going through the permanent exhibits. 

We spent much of our time in The Lab, which is a hands-on multimedia space to explore and learn about digital technologies. There is one area, where you can play in a pool and can add as many pool toys as well as change the color of the water and the swell of the waves in the pool. Below is another example, where you can pretend to have wings or be a tree or be a witch/wizard.

Another area we spent much of our time is in Experimentations, where YOU can be the scientist, engineer, and inventor. This exhibit shows how breakthroughs in science and technology have changed many of our ideas about everyday phenomena.

The smiley door that greets you to The Wiggles exhibit

The playground next to the other cafe 

All in all, the kids and I had a great time at the Powerhouse Museum and can see us going back again. Children of all ages will enjoy and have a great time at this museum.


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