Monday, January 26

What I'm Reading :: Baby books and etc

Happy Monday!

This past weekend has been a whirlwind of activity and travel. We did a quick trip down south for a birthday party for my grandma and a baby shower. Aside from the flurry of activities, it was great weekend to see family and friends and catch up.

Anytime, we drive down for a long road trip, we always listen to books on Audible. This weekend, the book we listened to was Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie. It is a space opera and very interesting. It took me awhile to get caught up on what was happening since I might have fallen asleep at some parts.

Books that I've been reading lately:

1. Gone Girl 

2. Came across this article from Buzzfeed. It's a list for 25 books to read to kids now in 2015

3. Beauty and the Beast. The original adaptation is on the list and not just the Disney version. Emma Watson just confirmed that she'll play Belle in Disney's adaptation.

Until, next time!

Wednesday, January 21

Page 21 of 365 :: Random

Happy Wednesday, everybody!

The week is halfway over!

Came across this article about how to add texture to straight hair.

  • Curling only the middle
  • Braiding and then ironing hair
  • Sea salt spray
  • Dry Shampoo

Style Noted

Different recipe for a green smoothie. It uses Maca powder, which is a superfood from Peru. Who knew? This is the first time I've heard of Maca powder.

The little one loves spaghetti. Actually, anything that has noodles in it!! Came across this recipe from A Cup of Jo for a meatless version.

A Cup of Jo - Spaghetti with Parmesan, Brown Butter and Pine Nuts

Been needing to make a magnetic board! From I Heart Naptime is a great idea to use galvanized sheet metal and a frame.

Until, next time!!!

Sunday, January 18

How To :: #TheChokeables

If you saw a choking baby, would you know what to do? In the 40-second video, St. John Ambulance aims to teach simple, life-saving skills to prevent any child from choking. 

#TheChokeables in the video, to the right, will show you what to do in an event a child, any child, swallows an object.

Page 18 of 365 :: Weekend Updates and Readings

Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far! For some, there is still one more day for the weekend, being that tomorrow is a holiday.

I woke up this morning with a huge headache and a slight fever and have spent the day lounging around the house. The hubby and the little lady have been great at letting me rest.

Updates and readings:

  • We celebrated a good friend's birthday yesterday, with all the food with a Mexican/Latin theme. We brought in Mexican Lasagna cooked in a crockpot. It's very easy to make and very quick. 
    Mexican Lasagna from Family Fresh Meals
  • Anyone getting married anytime, soon? You can now rent the wedding dress of your dreams- see here! Reminds me of Rent The Runway. 
  • Pumpkin Pancake recipe! Looks yummy!
  • Researching into preschool starts.

Until, next time!

Friday, January 16

Things to do Around Town :: Whimsy!

"Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. 
But for children play is serious learning. 
Play is really the work of childhood."
- Fred Rogers

Whimsy's storefront

For an impromptu mother/child date, I decided to take the little one to Whimsy. It a new indoor play space and cafe in downtown Saratoga. Whimsy came as a result of two mothers, who saw a need for a place to take their children to play, in a safe, comfortable and clean environment. An alternative to having playdates in a park or a friend's house, where parents can relax and have a coffee, while the children can play and explore in a safe, supervised setting. 

Whimsy is open Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm, with Saturday and Sunday closed for private events. Admission for a day pass at Whimsy runs for $20 per child in the family and an extra $5 for another child. A day pass gives you unlimited access to the playroom and the cafe as long as you like, but with no in and out privileges. It is important to note that while the children are supervised by Whimsy employees in the playroom, it is not a drop-off child center. Parents must stay on the premises. 

The little one and I went on a Thursday, right when Whimsy opened at 9am. We were the only ones around at the time and it gave the little lady time to explore and enjoy the space all by herself before the morning crowd rolled in by 1030am. 

Pretend Play Area
Here are more up close photos of each area in the play space. They have almost everything that your child could possibly want to play with. Does your child enjoy pretend play? They have a kitchen set as well as tool bench. How about pretend play with babies? They have those as well. They have a stage area with the runway. The little lady enjoyed walking around the area dressed up as a ladybug. They have an area for reading and quiet time. All in all, the little lady spent time in every area of the play space that we were at Whimsy for slightly over 3 hours, with a brief break for her to have a banana. All the toys are clean and the play space was kept clean. The play supervisors are very nice and engaging. They really took their time to watch each child in their area as well as keep the area clean. The little one took a shine to many of them as she played along with the other children, who started trickling in by 1030am. 

Wooden Play Structure
Stage area

Kitchen Area
Tea, BBQ and Baby Stroller Area
Art Studio Area

Just beyond the play space, is the cafe. It is a very pleasant space with big windows overlooking into the courtyard of the complex. There are snacks, drinks available for purchase as well as salads and sandwiches for something for substantial. You cannot bring any outside food and drinks into Whimsy, aside from what is necessary for infants. If you do bring food or drinks, they ask that you enjoy them outside before coming in. I spent maybe an hour in the cafe working on photo-books and browsing the web with the free wifi while the little lady was in the play space, having a blast. I have to admit that it was nice to be able to focus on doing something, knowing that your child is just beyond the door and I can walk in and out to check on her to see how she is doing. 

Whimsy's cafe

Whimsy receives high marks from us. We would definitely be coming back again and highly recommend it. For $20/day, it came out to $7/hour for the time we were there and it is cheaper than other places, given the breakdown of the total time. The little lady did not want to leave at all! We might have to consider getting one of their packages in the future. And, with the little one's birthday around the corner, I am definitely considering it as a place to have her birthday at. 

For a more detailed review about Whimsy, check out the review written by Silicon Valley Toddler. They were one of Whimsy's first visitors, back when Whimsy opened back in September, for a pre-opening beta test. 

For more information, check out Whimsy's website

Thursday, January 15

Things to do Now :: Bumble Los Altos

Bumble in Los Altos is having a promotion for the month of January. Stop by anytime after 5pm for dinner and receive complimentary playtime in the playroom, if you have kids. Sounds like a great idea to unwind and relax with your spouse and enjoy dinner while your little one are able to wear themselves out before bedtime.

Bumble-Los Altos

Wednesday, January 14

Things to do Around Town :: Toddler Edition :: Safari Run

Since the last time I posted about Things to do Around Town :: Toddler Edition, we've been laying it low for a bit. The little one had caught a cold and the household was on hold.

As mentioned in the last post, we regularly go to the Children's Discovery Museum, at least once a month with our friends. Sometimes, I take the little one more than once, since she really enjoys it. In the Wonder Cabinet, there is a room designated just for painting. She could not wait to go into that room and had to wait. The little one painted three art works in one seating. She loves painting.

A great thing about living in the Bay Area is the many options of taking your little one somewhere, where they can have fun and tire themselves out. Safari Run is similar to La Petite Playhouse, but smaller. They have two locations in the Bay Area: Sunnyvale and San Mateo.

Safari Run has open play from 10am to 12noon and from 1-4pm. You pay $8/child per hour. An hour is plenty, especially for the little one. It seems to be enough time for them to explore the place and have fun and wear themselves out. They offer Parent's Night Out for parents with children 3 and older as well as Party Packages.

Safari Run - Sunnyvale

If you'd like to check out Safari Run, there is currently a Groupon happening- see here. It is $39 for a 10-session punch card.

Until, next time.