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Tivoli Take Two

That's right! This is Tivoli Take Two - this time around, the little miss and mister were actually awake to enjoy what Tivoli has to offer. The last time we were here - both littles were asleep, as you can read up on this post here. Tivoli during the day was quite a different experience from Tivoli at night. It was more crowded during the day - it could be because the first time we went to Tivoli was also the same day as the World Cup Finals. We had to pay the entrance fee this time around to get into Tivoli since we ended up using our Copenhagen Card the night before.

We did the mine ride with the littles - it is very similar to the Buzz Lightyear ride at Disneyland, where you have aim your laser and hit the targets to get points, except you are on a boat. We also did a lot of walking around and did a lot of people watching.

We found the playground in one corner of Tivoli and spent a great amount of time there until we all got thirsty and hungry. I love that there is always a pla…

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