Friday, February 7

Rain :: Let's Just Stay In

I love the rain! It's such a perfect excuse to just stay in bed all day and not do anything. I can attest... I'm feeling slightly under the weather and the gloomy weather seems like a reflection of my mood. This post is short and sweet, I just wanted to say 'Hi!.' (Pardon, the long absence between posts...)

Tuesday, December 31

The Year That Was 2013

It seems like yesterday that this new year, 2013, began. But, it's been a year and a new year will begin anew tomorrow, in just a few hours.

2013, was a year of many great memories:

- We welcomed our little one into the world and its been an amazing journey so far.
- Maui. I think that one word is enough to describe a little bit of paradise just before the little one joined us.
- London. Doctor Who 50th Anniversary. The little one's first trip internationally.
- Baby toys and dog toys all sound the same. (And, strewn all over the place)
- Friends.
- A year of changes. Both big and small.
- Staying up all night has a whole new different meaning.

As we wait for the clock to strike midnight and to begin anew, I look forward to the many memories that 2014 will bring.

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 25

Saturday, November 23

Sunday, November 3

Weekend Musings

Sunday night. Weekend musings. 

+ Read this post by Seth Adam Smith on "Why Marriage Isn't For You" It offers a different perspective that we sometimes overlook when wanting to get married or settle down.

+ Freddie W - new video up on his YouTube channel "Mexican Standoff"

+ Quality time with family and friends. 

Hope you had a great weekend!

Friday, November 1

Travel :: Cebu Tour

Travel is good for the soul. As I look through old pictures, it is always easy to reminisce about all the things that you did, or ate while traveling. I am still reminiscing about our last trip to the Philippines. We did a tour of Cebu as shown in the following photos: 

On the bridge