Sunday, February 22

Motherhood Musings :: Tips to Prep Your Child For a New Baby Sibling

Last week we had our 28 week doctors visit. The next visit will be at 32 weeks and from then on, every two weeks and then every week. It really isn't long until Baby #2 joins us and we have been slowly prepping the little peanut for her new role as a Big Sister.

Here are some tips that we have been using to help prepare the Little Peanut for Little Bean's arrival:

1. We've been reading books about bringing a new baby into the family. Our favorite book right now is this one. Waiting on getting these two: this one and this one. We've been reading it almost every night.

2. We've been having the Little Peanut join us for whenever I have a doctors appointment so she can hear the baby's heartbeat.

3. The Little Peanut got a little doll for Christmas from grandma. Her doll is similar to this one. She enjoys holding the baby and feeding the baby.

4. Working on creating a baby book for the Little Peanut so she can see herself as a small baby and that she was once, too.

5. Trying to stick to her routine and introducing new activities that she can look forward to.

If you have any more tips, feel free to send them my way.

Friday, February 20

Have a great weekend

What are your plans for the weekend? We will be watching Disney on Ice tomorrow morning. Hope you have a great one and here are some few fun posts from around the web....

No Bake Cookies???

Dogs and their owners. Can you match the dogs with their owners?

Manual Breastpumps

Crafts for St Patty's Day

Until, next time!

Wednesday, February 18

Page 49 of 365 :: Just wanted to say 'hello'

I've been MIA lately and that's just because life just happens... 

I came across this video from Story of This Life's Thad and Esther Anderson and thought to share it. It's a video on why moms get nothing done. 

Anyone else feels this way?

Sunday, February 8

Page 39 of 365 :: Life Lately

Hello, hello!

How is everyone enjoying the rain? I just love listening to the sound of the falling rain. It is very soothing. It's no wonder that sound machines actually have them included. Right now, I am just sitting here, looking outside to my backyard and watching the gray clouds roll in and getting ready to drop another storm on us.

The calm before the storm.
The picture to the left is from Friday just as the storm was rolling in. Don't you just love the juxtaposition of the sun behind me and the dark gray clouds in front? This was taken just a few seconds just before it started pouring. It started down pouring thirty minutes later. I do love the rain! The little one and I have been having lots of cuddles and drinking hot chocolate. And, having to figure out what activities to do with the little one, while it's been raining.

This past week had me running around being busy, cleaning and nesting and taking care of not just the little one but the hubby as well.

1. Lots of tea for the hubby, who was not feeling well for part of this week.

2. Dessert and coffee date with one of our friends at the newest cafe that opened in downtown Mountain View - La PanotiQ. I plan to do a review later on this place and after having gone here, I will definitely go again. The apple beignet was amazing as well as the hot chocolate, that the little one decided not to share with me. The only downside to this place, is that it is not toddler friendly. They have no high chairs available, so if you have an active toddler, like I do, it's best to keep them strapped in a stroller or have your coffee date to go.

3. We braved a trip to IKEA on Saturday and got there just before they 'officially' opened the store at 10am. There were already people milling around at the store when we got there by about 9:50. It was a successful trip with us in and out of there in under 3 hours, including eating lunch. Yum to meatballs. Granted, this was my second trip to the store this week, having met up with a friend and an old coworker there for lunch along with her little man.

4. Looking forward to have tri-tip tonight. And, maybe watching Gone Girl on DVD. I've finished the book awhile back and will be going to a book club to talk about it in a few weeks.

5. Looking forward to the new week with many more projects to do.

Until, next time!

Friday, February 6

How To :: Infographic on Babies and Toddlers

Happy Friday, everybody! Granted, it is a grey and rainy start to the weekend but hello to the weekend, indeed.

I came across some infographic guides on babies and toddlers and thought to share them with you:

1. Teething Chart from HelloBee. Love this chart since the little one seems to be having her molars coming in. 
Teething Chart

2. Toddler Daily Needs. A daily nutrition guide to how much your little one can have.

from Toddler Tastes

3. Baby reflexology. Babies also benefit from having their feet massaged and here are the zones.

Baby Reflexology

4. Just love this from How to be a Dad

How to be a Dad

Until, next time!

Tuesday, February 3

Page 34 of 365 :: Life with a Toddler

Happy Tuesday!

Today, my little one decided that she wanted to put on face paint. With my lipbalm. Somehow, she manages to find them and next thing I know, there is war paint on both cheeks. And, she refuses to get them wiped off. And, this is after deciding she wanted to write on her arms with a pen. Life is never dull with a toddler running around.

I came across these cartoons awhile back from Incidental Comics about how life is with a toddler. Incidental Comics is written by Grant Snider and he drew the following comic for Father's Day last year and how life was with his then 18-month old daughter. Enjoy at your pleasure.

Until, next time!

Sunday, February 1

Nesting Mode On

Happy 1st of the month, everybody!

So, Patriots won the Superbowl. As mentioned, in an earlier post {here}, I'm not a huge football fan but will appreciate a good game every now and then. Especially, if friends are more than willing to explain exactly what happened. 

Aside, from it being Superbowl Sunday, I've been very excited to get our kitchen cabinets retrofitted with new pull-out shelving units. Insert happy dance. It's also been a long two nights since the little one has been waking up crying. She's been teething and it seems like she's cutting her molars. :( Last night, was the first time that the hubby and I had to put some Orajel on her gums to help put her to sleep and calm down. Any tips on how to help the little one with teething? this is the first time that it is bothering her and affecting her sleep. 

New home for pots and pans. 
Back to the kitchen, the kitchen has been on my list of projects to tackle since the new year started and would like finished before the little bean arrives. It's safe to say that I've been in nesting mode since the holidays and the list of projects I'd like to get done gets longer and longer.

We went to a House and Garden Show last year and came across a company, who will retrofit pull-out shelving units for your kitchen cabinets. Having pull-out shelves would make it easier to get to much needed pots and pans and bakeware. 

Late saturday afternoon was spent cleaning out the kitchen and moving everything into the garage to have a clean slate. Plus, it also helped the guy installing the shelves have an easier time. The hubby and I decided to reorganize the kitchen and have just all the necessary stuff that we need and get ride of stuff that we don't use or need at all. 

The pictures to the left show the finished product once installation was completed. It only took about five hours and it looks great. Having the new shelves makes the kitchen seem like a new kitchen. 

I'm very happy with our new updated shelves and it would make it easier for me to work around the kitchen, especially with my little one helping. 

Here's a little something to watch or read for the night:

- Old Spice Superbowl commercial.

- Interested in watching this movie.

Until, next time!