Monday, June 22

Style Corner :: Little White (Summer) Dress

Summer is officially here!!!

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And, with it comes more BBQs, park playdates, water fun... With the temperatures rising, it is only right to find clothes that are summer friendly. I've been looking into little white dresses for the summer and here are just some of what I've been loving. Most of these dresses are currently on sale and are on their way of being sold out. If you are looking into any white dresses for the summer, check these dresses out.

Star Dress - Zara
Lace Dress - Zara
Eyelet Dress - Ann Taylor
Drop Waist Dress - Ann Taylor
Tunic Dress - Ann Taylor

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Tuesday, June 16

Style Corner :: Crushing

Currently, crushing on these sneakers.  

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They're the New Balance W530. This style is sold by Anthropologie {sold out} but you can get these sneakers from other stores as well.

Wednesday, June 10

Page 161 of 365 :: The Song of the Sleepless

Six weeks in with both a toddler and a baby = walking zombie mom. There are things I've forgotten about having a newborn around and things I'm now learning about with a toddler around that just ends up with little to no sleep for me.

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I've forgotten about the growth spurts a new baby goes through during the first few months. Add in some sleep regression and night terrors from the toddler. I'm just glad to be able to get up in the morning and have time for a shower and spend time with the family.

Here's a comic to sum up being a new mom by Sage Stossel.

Postpartum New Mom

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Tuesday, June 9

Motherhood Musings :: From 3 to 4...

Hi, everyone! Yes, I still do exist and have not fallen off into the black hole that is of becoming a parent. It has been awhile since my last post and since then, life has changed for us. We became a family unit of four, err, five, if you count the dog as one.

I've been busy tired with the newborn and the toddler, but the rewards are endless, still. Exhausted would be the better term to use but by and by, you get used to running on little to no sleep. The fourth trimester will be harder this time around.

I just wanted to stop by and say 'hi' and that I'll hopefully get back to posting soon.

from Brainy Quote
Until, next time!

Thursday, April 16

Motherhood Musings :: My Little Peanut

I came across this picture on Pinterest and thought to share it with you. You can also find the print off from Etsy.

My heart has never been so full with love and it just keeps overflowing.

Etsy - Rose Hill Design Studio

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Wednesday, April 8

Motherhood Musings :: Random

Who knew that a roll of red raffia ribbon (say that 10x fast?) could hold an endless amount of entertainment for a toddler?

Children Playing

Page 98 of 365 :: Being a SAHM is expensive

Recently, this article Father's Can't Afford Stay At Home Mom has made its rounds through the web. I've read it awhile back when it first came up on my feed and thought that it was a great article filled with truths about what it means to be a SAHM. I've since shared the article with the hubby and it is true, being a SAHM is expensive.

An excerpt from the article written by Steven Nelms, "I cannot afford my wife to a be a Stay-At-Home Mom. And that's just the beginning of it."

He breaks down the many jobs that a SAHM does and what the average salary one gets for that position. Some include chef, who makes about $12,480 a year and a cleaning service, which can total to $5200 a year. With all the many jobs a SAHM juggles at home, being paid to be a SAHM can cost up to on average 75K.

What do you think of the article?

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