Food Scene :: Sam Sam Chicken + Beer

We wanted Korean Chicken + Beer for dinner and we decided to try out Sam Sam Korean Chicken and Beer. There were other Korean Chicken restaurants we wanted to try and go to but decided to go with the one closest and good reviews.

It won the hubby's vote since it had beer. Beer, like wine, is always a good idea. :D

From what we could see, it is good for groups, families (well, we were seated at the very front of the restaurant), and quick bites. This was one of the first times that I've noticed that almost every restaurant has asked us if we had reservations. We've just been doing walk-ins - they were quick to seat us and it was not problem, but I think if we came any later, it might have been an issue. But, despite that, I'd recommend Sam Sam Korean Chicken + Beer, if you are craving Korean Chicken. 


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