Wild Life Sydney Zoo

Monday was one for the books.

The morning was spent at Sea Life Sydney Aquarium. You can see my post here about it. We met up with Sarah and her little man for lunch at the Harbourside mall and had take-away sushi. Side note - our food courts back home never look as good or as clean. We walked over to Darling Quarter Children's Playground (see my post here) and spent some time there to have the children run around.

The aquarium and the playground was not enough for these two munchkins, so we decided to use our attraction pass again, but this time we went to the Wild Life Sydney Zoo section.

Same entrance as Sea Life Sydney

The zoo is divided into 10 exhibits: Butterflys, Cassowary, Kangaroos, and others. As mentioned in the other post about the aquarium, the zoo is also deceptive in its size. The area for the Kangaroo Walk-about is housed in an open-air, enclosed only with a mesh roof structure.

This Tasmanian tiger was just running around and around really quickly.

Looking for the Tasmanian tiger

You can barely tell but there is a sleeping koala up in that tree. 

For an extra fee, you can pay to do the Koala Experience. I believe, you can both feed and pet or hold the koala.

To the right of this, is an enclosure where you can do a walk-about near the kangaroos. 


Mr. Alligator. I don't think I have ever been this close to one before. 


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