Food Scene :: The Grounds of Alexandria

The Grounds of Alexandria was on the high list for brekkie. Before coming to Sydney, I learned that this place was family friendly and wanted to go check it out, especially with the two youngsters. It was a bit of a trek through an industrial suburb in Sydney after getting off the train, that the hubby became concerned as to where I was taking them.

The rustic sign that greets you as you cross the street could not prepare you for the wonderland that awaits you. The Grounds of Alexandria spans nearly an acre with lush gardens across the property. The Grounds of Alexandria was designed by the team of Jack Hanna and Ramzey Choker. The whole place is meant to be an experience. I felt transported to a different place. As you enter the Grounds, you may see goats, chickens and even get to see Kevin Bacon, the residential pig. The Grounds boasts a cafe, a restaurant, a barbecue aside from a small playground for the children, a flower market. 

We had breakfast at the cafe and we were immediately seated. Had we arrived a few minutes later, I'm sure we would have waited 30 minutes. The cafe is open Monday through Friday 7am to 4pm and from 7:30am until 4pm on Saturday/Sundays. It was starting to get busy when we were seated and by the time we left the cafe, the Grounds was bustling with activity.

We ordered the following - House Smoked Salmon on Brioche, Breakfast Burger, sides of Bacon and Bread. We also ordered the following drinks - Latte, Deconstructed Hot Chocolate and Deconstructed Mocha. You can see the menu here if you are interested. I was interested in ordering the Coffee Tasting Board but did not end up ordering it. If you do, please let me know how it is, since it is one of their Barista's Favorites!

Just a few more photos of what the Grounds has to offer.


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