LEGO House Experience - Green Zone and Yellow Zone

Let's move on to the next zones on this journey through the LEGO House Experience. As much as we enjoyed both the Red Zone and Blue Zone and the main square, the next two zones is really where we spent most of our time.

The Green Zone invites you to be a better communicator through play. In this area, the little mister and I got to build our own stop-motion picture in the Story Lab. The little lady and the husband were together building mini-figures in the Character Creator. You can take pictures of the characters you created through your wristband ticket and download them later.

This build was made with both DUPLO and LEGO bricks. 
You can see on the left side are DUPLO bricks and the right side are LEGO bricks.

One of the builds that just takes your breath away.

Just some pictures of the mini-figures made by us. Once you create a mini-fig, you can take a picture of it being featured in its own magazine cover. I've only chosen to put up two of the many options that was provided by the little lady. She spent the majority of her time making many, many, many mini-figs. The pictures shown below, we downloaded via LEGO House app with two of our unique code.

The Yellow Zone invites you to flex your emotions as you build critters to make the dance, create flowers and design fish. We spent a great time building many different fish and then watching it swim into the ocean water to swim with other designed fish.

Making the critters dance

These flower creations are great. Pictures really don't do them justice. We actually had to rebuild some of them since the little mister thought to drive his little blue LEGO car that he built in the Blue Zone and break the forest. 

Build a Fish was a hit. I can't tell you how many fish we've made and loaded into the screen to swim away.

Pictures of our various fish that we've uploaded to swim into the ocean.

All this creativity is making me hungry. Let's go check out Mini-Chef, one of the restaurants that you can eat at LEGO House.


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