Glamping at Autocamp

With summer upon us, camping is always great idea. Not only does going camping connect you with nature but also creates lasting relationships and memories with the people you go camping with. We decided on go glamping at Autocamp in Guerneville over the kids spring break. Yes, glamping - basically a style of camping with amenities and even resort-style services not associated with "traditional" camping. It worked out that we weren't in a traditional camp for the weekend we went, since the Bay Area was hammered with the Pineapple Express. Our entire drive up from the SF Peninsula to Guerneville took 2x the time with all the traffic and rain. 
Autocamp has three locations in California - Russian River, Yosemite and Santa Barbara. We went with Russian River, since it is only a 2 hour drive away from us. Despite the heavy rain as we crossed the Bay Bridge, the rest of the drive went well. We stopped by at Lagunitas Brewing Company for some lunch and to let the rain subside before we checked in. 

Using the wagons to grab our bags from the car

The many rows of Airstreams that you can call 'home.'

The next day was beautiful! The sun came out and the rain cleared away. We greeted the day with croissants from the lobby and went hiking at the Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Preserve. The little one got soaked from jumping in all the puddles left over from the rain.

Hiking, errm... jumping on puddles on our jaunt through the Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Preserve.

Would we go back? Yes, definitely. Especially, when it does not rain the entire time we are there would be even better.


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