The sign as you walk up to the building.
We took the bus ride up to go spend our morning at the Experimentarium, a modern, very hands-on science and technology museum with learning games for kids... and adults alike. It is located in Hellerup, about a thirty minute bus ride from Copenhagen. The Experimentarium building used to be the bottling facilities of the Tuborg Brewery in Hellerup.

As far as children museum goes, this place was amazing. It definitely is worth making the trek out from Copenhagen center. We easily spent three hours there and could have been there a lot longer if we hadn't decided to go back to Tivoli - the littles were awake this time around!

As I mentioned before, we bought Copenhagen cards, which provides you unlimited transportation within Copenhagen and access to many museums and attractions. The Experimentarium is one of the attractions that is included. Tickets for the Experimentarium can run you 115 DKK each, from three years old and on. They are open everyday: Monday through Friday 9:30am until 5pm, with Thursday until 8pm and during the weekends from 10am until 5pm.

Spiral coil staircase to each floor.
From the moment you walk through the doors, or rather as you make your way up the circular stairway, you find yourself immediately part of each exhibit. From making a team and seeing how well you work together by trying to unseat one teammate from a chair to dancing the bathroom clean. You can race against each other with rubber duckies and only using water sprays to help them move along the current. Or race sailboats using vacuum sprayers. There are a lot of interactive, hands-on activities that can keep the children and yourself occupied and having tons of fun.

On one of the floors, they have one exhibit in beating a robot by stacking six blocks on top of each other. I failed. The hubby failed. The little ones fared a lot better than the adults did. There is also a room where you play with your shadows. That was a winner!

All in all, this place was BEYONG AMAZING. Would we go back? Yes, if we are ever back in Copenhagen. Would we recommend? DEFINITELY!



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