Food Scene :: MINI CHEF family restaurant

"Welcome to the restaurant, 
where our small chefs have high 
ambitions for a healthy and well-balanced meal"
- MINI CHEF family restaurant

Imagine being able to play and build your own food? As a mother of two, there has been many a time, where I have had to tell my littles to stop playing with their food. Or having to bribe them with dessert or something. Well, not this time! This time - both littles had an AMAZING time, playing and building their food to order from MINI CHEF.

The options available to you as you build your order.

MINI CHEF is located within the public square of LEGO House. My husband and I are always on the lookout for family-friendly restaurants, especially when we are traveling. MINI CHEF takes the cake. While some restaurants provide child menus and toys to play with after, MINI CHEF lets you build your order using four LEGO bricks and then scanning it on the table and watch as the mini figures get your order ready on the screen. The menu is easy to follow in order for you to build your meal. There are four sections - The Wild, The Cozy, The Grown up and The Crispy. Each section has a designated color associated with them. Each option within each section is a different LEGO brick. Four blocks must be used at all times to build your food. Adults choose one from each section while the children don't have to choose anything from The Grown up section - they get to use a special brick, the yellow brick, for a surprise.

The little lady trying to figure out her food options in order to build her order.

The screen letting you know that your order is ready to be picked up.

Waiting for our LEGO bricks to arrive.
After putting in your order, you can continue playing with the LEGO bricks provided or grab some yellow bricks provided near you to build bigger creations. The screen will notify you when your order is ready, by providing you with a number to grab from the robots. As you can see in the picture to the left, your order comes boxed in a LEGO brick that is sent down to these two robots that will 'serve' you your lunch. This is one of the highlights of this restaurant.

How your food is packaged. 

Baked cod with salad, cauliflower and crazy noodles.

Glad gris (Happy pig!) with crazy noodles, salad and pickled onions.

Kids meal - meatballs with fries and wheat kernels

The children's special surprise is a mini-figure Chef that they can build as they eat, after the eat. All in all, you can't really say no to them wanting to build it as they eat, considering they built their order beforehand.

👍Highly recommend to eat at this restaurant if you are planning on visiting LEGO House. It completes the whole experience, in my honest opinion. 
👍Building your food order with LEGO bricks is a different experience.
👍The food tastes great. The hubby and I ended up eating the meatballs off the children's plates. Granted the food options aren't much, given how many build options you can do with the amount of bricks that are provided, but what you can get and what we did try, was good and enjoyable.
👍Picking up your food order from the robots
👍We would come again. 
👍There is a wait in order to get a table - we did go during peak times. Our wait wasn't too long, maybe 15 minutes and you be anywhere in the public square with your buzzer.
👍You don't need to buy tickets to eat here - it is located in the public square.


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