Calling all LEGO Lovers!!!

One of the LEGO dinosaurs that can be found in the Masterpiece Gallery.
Welcome to the “Home of the Brick,” or LEGO House. LEGO House, just opened last year, in 2017, and is a new LEGO experience house. LEGO House is located in the town of Billund, Denmark, roughly three hours away from Copenhagen. Billund is the town where the LEGO brick is invented and aside from LEGO House, you can find LEGOLAND Billund and the LEGOLAND Billund Resort as well.

Aside as serving as a tourist attraction and exhibition, the architecture of LEGO House is unique. The building was designed by Bjarke Ingels, a renowned Danish architect, and his company BIG. It is groundbreaking Danish architecture, since the clay tiles covering both the outside and inside walls were designed to LEGO brick scale and colors. Ingels described his idea for LEGO House was to create "a literal manifestation of the infinite possibilities of the LEGO brick.” Twenty-one white bricks are stacked on top of each other and these huge bricks form the interior spaces for the experiences as well as the public square and playgrounds for guests to enjoy.

While making our holiday plans, a visit to Billund was always on the table. Aside from LEGOLAND, LEGO House had just recently opened. (We've previously been to LEGOLAND California and enjoyed that trip.)  We were going to be in Copenhagen and Billund was only a train ride away, almost three hour train ride. What better time to go if not now? Plus, my husband and I grew up on LEGOS. As a matter of fact, he still has his old LEGO sets from when he was younger in a huge bin. Our two littles enjoy LEGOs just as much as we do - their LEGO collection just keeps growing each and every day. Can you honestly tell me that you don’t love LEGOS? Or know of somebody who doesn’t know about them or has played with them? I can’t. LEGOS are those toys, no matter how young or old you are, that will provide endless amounts of entertainment and that can span generations and bring everyone together.

One of the entrances to LEGO House. 

Tickets to experience LEGO House can run you 299 DKK or $35 each, from ages three and above. Children two and under are free. You don’t have to pay to visit LEGO House, but you will only get access to the public square, the cafes, the LEGO store and the playgrounds. With the LEGO House Experience, you will discover the magic behind the brand as well as the endless possibilities for play and learning. It is the ultimate LEGO experience. This was the part of the trip that the little lady has been looking forward to, especially building your food! (More on that later! - see post here - MINI CHEF)

Your LEGO House ticket provides you access to the 12,000 square meter house. With your wristband ticket, you can capture moments inside each LEGO House Experience area from taking pictures of your creations to making a stop motion film. You can download and save all of these moments via the free LEGO House app. You will need two out of three unique access codes assigned to you in order to access your moments.

The following pictures are of just inside the public square that you can visit without having to pay:

One of the areas, where LEGOs or DUPLOs are provided for entertainment.
The bathrooms as well as lockers are located just behind the wall. 

BRICKACCINO - Coffee shop. I had their overpriced coffee for $37. ;D
Just joking, I had their Chai latte.

MINI CHEF - one of the two restaurants that you can enjoy.  This one is amazing - you get to build your own food with LEGOs. We ate our lunch here - this was one of the many highlights of our day.

One of the side views of the scale model of the LEGO House, featuring the various playgrounds that can be found on each terrace. The LEGO House actually started as a 1:100 scale model built out of LEGO bricks. Construction of the building did not begin until 2014.
Another view of the scale model of LEGO House.

One of the LEGO builds around the public square, that you can hang out with. 

All the experiences at LEGO House has been divided into four different spaces or zones - Red Zone, Blue Zone, Yellow Zone and the Green Zone. You can also access the Masterpiece Gallery and the History Collection, which takes you from the beginnings of LEGO to what it is now. I plan to write a separate post for each zone, so keep a look-out for those coming soon. See the posts here for Red Zone and Blue Zone and Green Zone and Yellow Zone.

All in all, just this public square alone provided us with many things to do and look at while we waited to go in and do the LEGO House Experience. 


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