København Zoo

No trip is ever complete without us visiting the local zoo - it's on it's way to becoming a tradition. The last few trips we did - we visited the Taronga Zoo in Sydney as well the Zurich Zoo. (We are planning on visiting it again.)

We decided to go to the zoo in an effort to avoid major jet-lag. Everyone was excited to go - we just hopped on the bus a few minutes walk away from our apartment and we were on our way to the Copenhagen Zoo or København Zoo. It was our first half day in Copenhagen, having just arrived into the city slightly past noon and as you see in my last post - we were quite ready to start seeing what this city has to offer. We also took advantage of the longer days - the sun sets at about 10:30pm.

The zoo is currently building a new enclosure for big pandas and the project will be completed later in the year. It was difficult to circle around the whole zoo in one big loop, since parts of it have been closed to construction. We've had to turn around once or twice to get to other parts of the exhibits - but no issues. We all enjoyed seeing the exhibits. 

The kangaroo enclosure was amazing. It is a walk-about and you can basically get so close to the kangaroos, you can touch them. (Note - don't touch the animals even if they are within an arms reach from you.) We also enjoyed the small playgrounds around the zoo, like the picture above of a rope bridge. 

Near the end of the zoo visit, we circled back to this food stand and got some churros with cinnamon sugar. This was one of the best churros that I've ever had. It could be the hunger talking, though. :) Soon after this, we decided to head on to dinner after going to Søndermarken, which is right across the way.


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