Royal Botanic Gardens :: The Calyx

An All About Flowers floral display at held The Calyx in the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney. The free floral display will run until the end of the month of July. The display is designed to bring color into winter and showcases colourful arrangements of exotic plants including Begonias, Hydrangeas and many more. The Calyx is a new building added to the Royal Botanic Gardens to help celebrate its 200th birthday. There is also a cafe on site as well as free wi-fi.

The floral wall display stands at 6 meters and stretches 50 meters and looks like a painting. It is amazing as you can see in the some of the pictures below. It is the largest interior wall of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.

The floral wall. There are no words for the amount of awe that this wall inspires. 

Some close-ups of the flowers around The Calyx.

Another view of the Floral wall from the other side of the building.

Just this view alone, made it hard for us to leave the area to go catch our show and they also had some activities for the children, while we were there, which also made it hard for M to leave the place.


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