Food Scene :: Botanic Gardens Restaurant

The Botanic Gardens Restaurant was on the menu for breakfast/brunch before we went to go see Justine Clarke's Look, Look! It's a Goobledygook show at The Playhouse at the Sydney Opera House.

Located within the Royal Botanic Gardens, it is a great place to eat that offers an open-air dining. They are open for lunch daily from noon until 3pm and for breakfast during the weekend from 9:30am until 11:30am. For something more laidback, the Botanical Gardens Cafe is located below and outside. There are also other cafes and restaurants to eat at while visiting the Royal Gardens. We passed by The Pavilion, located in The Domain, and it also looked like a great place to eat as well.

Attached is the Botanic Gardens Restaurant's current Winter menu. We ordered our usual coffee - latte and mocha, as well as cold milk or hot chocolate for M. O was completely asleep and having a nap and missed out on eating food. We did get him a croissant for take-away. For food, the hubby ordered the French Brioche Toast with glazed banana and berry compot and I ordered the Eggs Benedict with Dill-cured Salmon.

French Brioche Toast

Eggs Benedict

As mentioned, the Botanic Gardens Cafe is just outside the restaurant around the corner.

For anyone looking for a great place to eat breakfast within the gardens, I recommend this place. It is a great place to stop at, before or after checking out the garden, like we did - see here. Since we ordered our usual items, whenever we eat someplace new for breakfast, we recommend it. They are also family friendly and have high-chairs when needed.


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