Food Scene :: Chinatown Friday Night Market

Chinatown Friday Night Market, Take Two!

We went out to Chinatown, last Friday night, a little later than usual. The last we went was around 430pm, which you can see in this post here. The sun was still out during our previous trip, but this time around, it was dark! And, cutting it too close to someone's bedtime. Also, you can also read about Sarah's experience when they went to Chinatown Friday Night Market - here.

Just people milling about

We got some food from Food Seoul - Fried Chicken and some Beef Satay.

People waiting for their food

We got some Japanese pancakes and mochi from here! Yum!

Lamb & Cumin seemed to be very popular! The line was too long for us.

We decided to get in line for some Cream Puffs from Emperor's Garden Cakes and Bakery. The line curved around the bakery and the restaurant next to it.

These were delicious! We got 18 puffs for $5 AUD.

From our spot in line
Still doesn't look like we moved from our spot


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