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Upon one of the recommendations from one of the hubby's friend/coworker, we went off to have some brekkie at Rustica Canteen. Rustica Canteen is located in one of the laneways that is prevalent throughout Melbourne. While Melbourne's laneways in its CBD area mostly date back to the Victorian era, it's laneways and arcades are very culturally important. Melbourne's laneways invite you to lose yourself in Melbourne and discover areas rich with art, one-off shops, unique galleries as well as tiny cafes and hidden ways. While this laneway is not as famous as other Melbourne laneways, we chose this place due to its vicinity to Queen Victoria Market.

Rustica Canteen is open everyday, with Monday through Friday 7am until 4pm and Saturday-Sundays from 8am until 4pm. It is located on Guilford Lane, see map below.

Breakfast is served all day. They offer gluten free options and are also vegetarian friendly.

We got to the cafe at around 9am, and while there were people, there were plenty of seating options. At around 10am, was when it started to become busy.

For breakfast, we ordered the following: croissants for the kids, along with a hot chocolate for M, eggs benedict with trout and savory waffles and coffees - mocha and latte.

Latte, Mocha and Hot Chocolate

Eggs Benedict

Savory Waffles

Aside from the food being delicious, the staff is very friendly. They have excellent breakfast and lunch options. They pretty much serve breakfast/brunch all day, which is a win, in my book! Here is a copy of their menu, if you are interested. Plus, the coffee is great! Highly recommended! This place is a hidden gem and we would definitely come back again.

You can follow them on their instagram page - @rustica_hq


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