How to Get Around :: Melbourne

Within the city center, locals and tourists alike can use The City Circle Tram service to get around central Melbourne. It offers a free and convenient way to get around central Melbourne and travel to major attractions, such as the Parliament House, the Old Treasury Building and shops. You can easily spend the whole day on the tram and can be used as a hop-on, hop-off service. To catch the free City Cirle Tram service, just simply board the tram at any of the specially marked stops along the route.

from Only Melbourne

Another way to get around Melbourne, is to make use of the free tram zone around within its inner city CBD. Since January 2015, travel on trams in Melbourne's CBD and Docklands is free. The boundaries for the Free Tram Zone are Spring Street, Flinders Street and La Trobe. It's aim is to better assist visitors staying in the city to be able to move around easily.

from Public Transport Victoria

With these two free transits around the inner city, there is no need to have a Myki card, although, it is always a great idea to have one, just in case you are traveling outside the free tram zone area. For more information, please refer to Public Transport Victoria website.


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