Den Blå Planet {National Aquarium Denmark}

"If there is magic on this planet,
it is contained in water."
- Loren Eiseley

A shoal of piranhas.
 Aquariums have been a big fascination draw, not just for the littles, but for us as well. It is the closest we can get to see all these remarkable species, in an area that mimics their natural habitats in the water.

We made our way to Den Blå Planet, the National Aquarium Denmark, located in Kastrup, close to the airport. Originally, the plan after having some lunch at one of the food halls was to enjoy another park, but our plans got rained out. So, we scrapped our original ideas and took the metro to enjoy the aquarium. As did everyone else who had the same idea.

This aquarium opened back in 2013, after the previous aquarium in Charlottelund was closed down in 2012. This is the largest aquarium located in Northern Europe. The aquarium, resembles a whirlpool, when viewed from the air. As you can see in the later photos, you will be able to see how the sides are curved. (It looked like the silhouette of a whale to us.) The main purpose of the aquarium, just like any other ones, is to spread information about marine life as well as help science projects and help improve education about marine animals and ecosystems.

When you get inside the aquarium, the main area is the heart of the aquarium and you can access each section from there. Each section basically fans from the middle and returns - like the arms found in a whirlpool.

The coral reef

A yellow fish.

I've never seen these before - black spotted rays.

This frog followed us as we walked past his exhibit.

Here is the view from our walk up to the aquarium (and a brief reprieve from the rain - gray skies). You can see that it turns into itself. The hubby did mention that we are doing a around the world visits to all the zoos (København Zoo, Taronga Zoo, Zurich Zoo - to name a few) and aquariums. I'd like to think of it as worldschooling and it is something of the same and normal as back home.


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