Crazy for Jason Wu for Target

Jason Wu for Target officially hit stores today! I was one of the many, who braved the lines and the cold, to score me some designer duds for cheap. I've never been more excited to get some of this exclusive collaboration between Jason Wu and Target.

I live close enough to a Target that had a limited availability of some of the clothes that I've been eyeing ever since they announced the collaboration and the released the Look Book. I was surprised at the amount of ladies already lined up outside the store, well before 8am. I got there at 7:50am, 10 minutes before the store opened, and I was number 55. And, it was cold out. It was 40 degrees. The line did scare me a little bit and for a brief second, I thought about turning around and just buying it online. But, the 10 minute wait was not that bad once I was able to get inside the store. Also, while I was in line, with my handy dandy Target app, I scoured the online store for the styles that I wanted and all I saw was "SOLD OUT!"

Oh no... I hope that I am able to get something. It was sheer madness- blouses, skirts and dresses were being pulled left and right. Women were staying put in the fitting room just waiting for clothes that people didn't want. It was an interesting experience. Below are just pictures of what I was able to score. The look book can be accessed on Huffington Post- Jason Wu. I wanted the dress on the bottom, but, I was not so lucky.

I look forward to the next collaboration! Target, I heart you!

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