New York and Food

I've been scrolling through my photos on my camera roll and came across all these photos, as shown below, from our trip to New York. My family and I were in New York over Mother's Day weekend, partly for my brother's graduation and Mother's Day. Below are just some snaps of places that we went to get some goodies.

Cha Cha Matcha - Located on 371 Broome St, New York. What is Matcha? It is finely milled green tea and at this place you can have matcha in everything.

Love this wall

Matcha latte and matcha doughssant

Boba Guys - They have many locations in New York but we went to one located in the Lower East Side. My family and I love boba and won't pass up the opportunity to have some. In the future, you won't have to travel far to New York to get some drinks from Boba Guys, they have some closer locations in San Francisco.

Flavors (L-R): Horchata, Hong Kong Style, Strawberry Cali-pico, Classic Milk Tea

Maharlika - Located on 111 1st Ave, New York. I've heard about this restaurant on Food Channel years ago and had wanted to go try it out ever since. We were actually caught in a quick sudden downpour on our way to this place and all of us were soaked. My brother ended up buying two umbrellas for us to use as we made the final trek towards the restaurant when it suddenly just stopped raining. 

Hangar Bistek


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