{Parenthood} :: Briones Park

"The true object of human life is play." - Gilbert K. Chesterton

We visited Briones Park, or Juana Briones Park, earlier this week in Palo Alto after hearing great things about it. The little peanut certainly enjoyed it.

Park Sign

You can get to Briones Park by driving down Arastradero Road or Maybell Avenue. Parking is easy. If you are driving down Arastradero Road, turn right on Clemo Avenue and ther road is closed off on one side, making parking great and close by. You can also park along Maybell Avenue.

This park was re-dedicated back in 2006, where you can find new and extensive play areas for children as well as ahistorical section detailing the life of Juana Briones. She was a humanitarian, businesswoman and a landowner. She held attributes that transcended the time we lived and continues to be admired for them today. For more information on her life, check out the foundation that is dedicated preserving her heritage.

Play structure for the kids!
On to the park...

Train play structure!

The pros:

  • great play structures for the kids: there are two in the shaded area: one for toddlers and another one for slightly older kids, and another one in the sun. 
  • a train play structure!!!
  • great shade for the toddler and younger kids play area
  • shade, shade for park benches and tables
  • Did I mention shade?
  • sand
  • there's a bridge
  • looks like a great location to take photos as a family

The cons:

  • a bigger play structure for slightly older kids (age 5-12), is in direct sunlight. So, depending on the time of day you go, it'll get very hot. 
  • the sand is a bit slippery. The little peanut fell 2x but it's a good thing, the landing is also soft
  • I don't really have much...

We went to the park around 10:30 in the morning. It wasn't too busy and not to hot as well. I'd recommend this park to anyone who has kids interested in trains, because... trains. Next time, the little peanut and I go back to this park, I'd pack a light lunch for the both of us and call it a day.

A close up of the toddler play structure.

The play structure for slightly older kids in direct sun.
Until, next time!


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