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Happy New Year 2015!!!

Another year has ended and another new year takes its place. And, with it comes new wishes and aspirations, with each of us hoping to have a better year than the last. 

Here are some of my aspirations for the new year:

1. More family trips. Short trips. Long trips. Going to the beach. Visiting the aquarium, hopefully, we can cross this off our list.

2. Sew more. (And, hopefully I'll be able to get to this mom's level.)

3. More hiking. Especially, having some short hikes to introduce the little one to the beauty of nature and for Bijou to walk out his crazies. If you live in the Bay Area, check out Bay Area Hiker for places to go out and explore. We use Bay Area Hiker alot

4. Make more photo books. (I don't want to mention how crazy behind I am.)

5. Crock pot cooking. (Going to be needing lots of these in a few months.)

What are your aspirations for the new year? And, how did you spend the last day of 2014 or ring in 2015?

Until, next time!


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