SF :: Brunch and the Exploratorium

A few weekends ago was spent hanging out with two great friends, who live in the city, as well as my parents, who came up for the weekend to see the little one. It was a perfect day in the city- not too hot and not too cold. Just the perfect Goldilocks zone. 

We started the morning having brunch at Serpentine in the Dogpatch area of SF. The food was good and I'd highly recommend it. Also, just across the street is an ice cream parlor, Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous, which I give two thumbs up. The little one loves ice cream and she demolished the cookies and cream flavored ice cream that we got. After filling our stomachs with food and dessert, we made our way over to the Exploratorium, which has moved to its new location at the Embarcadero. 


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