{Life's Pleasures} :: How to Enjoy Working Out

"It is health that is real wealth
and not pieces of silver and gold."
- Mahatma Gandhi

Working out is not just a moment's passing of "I'll do it." It's a lifestyle change. It's been said that to make something a habit, you have to do it at least seven days in a row. All of us have reasons for not going to the gym- there is never enough time, too busy and it is always easy being lazy

I have no excuse right now except for a belly bump that is growing daily. But, I am trying to keep moving, since it is good for pregnancy and for baby. But, this post is about how one can enjoy working out. 

1. Figure out your reasons for working out.

Do you want to lose weight? Reduce stress? Or just be in great shape. Whatever your reasoning, keep that goal in mind.

2. Set goals.

What do you want to get accomplished? Do you want to eventually run a 5k? Have visuals to keep you going. 

3. Shift your perspective.

Don't think of it as working out, think of it as changing how you view your day to day activities. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park your car a bit farther than usual. Take 30 minutes out of the day to go on a walk. 

4. Do what you enjoy.

If you enjoy dancing, take dancing. Do what you love. Love nature - go hiking. 

5. Don't quit. 

No matter how hard it might be. Little by little, you'll start seeing results.

Until then... How do you make working out enjoyable for you?


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