30 weeks...

At thirty weeks:

- I have a little gymnast in my belly... or, maybe, a little ninja... (somersaults, punches and kicks are becoming the norm)
- Pillow talk = figuring out names for baby, looking forward to bath time, nap times.
- Looking forward to what he or she will look like. Will he/she have my nose? Or the hubby's flat feet?
- More massages to soothe aching joints.
- HIPS. I'm getting hips. The process is a little painful and I'm hoping I can squeeze into my jeans pre-pregnancy. 
- When sleep happens, it's GREAT! But, most of the time, I feel like I'm just laying there - awake. 
- But, it's fine... since baby is most active at night and we just communicate - he/she rolls/kicks/punches and I rub my belly. 
- Clothes are beginning to be a problem. My sweaters are starting to look like they've been stretched to their limits... (they have been and will only get more stretched...)
- Baby's nursery is coming along... slowly, but surely...
- As well as the house... 
- Feels like my belly can't grow anymore, but, everyday I find myself amazed by how it seems to grow overnight.
- And, that we still have 10 more weeks. :) 

We can't wait to meet you, little peanut...

taken with iPhone while leaning over. Big Time!


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