{Travel} Munich

Happy Saturday!!! Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!

I know, I am... We've made it safely to Europe, particularly, we made it to our 2nd stop- Munich. Utter exhaustion greeted all of us as we arrived into Zurich. Being technophiles, smart phones were a gift from heaven. It brought us to our hotel in Zurich, albeit, we took a longer way to get there but we made it there.


Another sleepless night greeted all of us (except for one), and Sarah and I gave in and decided to have breakfast at 630am, while waiting for the boys to get ready. Sarah's German speaking skills came in handy, when we had to activate our Eurail passes at the station. 

Some macaroons from Sprüngli on our way to Munich
Neu Rathaus 
Late lunch at Augustiner am dom
Check out Sarah's blog post here.

Until, next time!


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