A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

Here's to another week of A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That... 

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Another hump day to get over... I just love Wednesdays, don't you? It lets us know that the work week is almost over and that the weekend is just around the corner. I am counting down the days, especially after having a 5-day weekend, last week, courtesy of the 4th of July and a wine country getaway (will be featured later).

There are many things I am looking forward to this weekend, especially, now that the heat has finally seem to have caught up that it is summer. 

1. Les Miserables- this Friday, Tom and I will be watching the musical named after the novel by Victor Hugo at the Orpheum Theatre. I can't wait. Also, later this year, the movie version will be out. It has Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway and many others. If you're in the city, you can still catch the musical- it is in town until August 26th, with opening night just being last night. 

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2. BBQ with friends. Always a great time to hang out with friends... 

3. Baking- Tom has dived back into baking again. He just made french macaroons this week and is planning to make more, for practice. We ate at Bouchon, this past weekend, and had some of their macaroons from their bakery. And, let's just say, they're to die for... Amazingly scrumptious!!! Bouchon is another restaurant by Thomas Keller, aside from the famed French Laundry. We're being homebodies and are simply enjoying cooking and baking...

4. OVER-DRESSED- a book by Miss Elizabeth L. Cline. Take a look into your closet and count how many items are from Forever21, H&M, ZARA or any mass-market retailer. Have have you shopped at these places in the last month? My answer is a 'yes,' I was just there to buy some basics. 

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This book details the high cost of cheap fashion. It ventures into the touchy subject of production and consumption in the fashion industry and this definitely affects everyone. Guys, you can fall victim to this as well, so pay attention... Miss Cline states that "budget-friendly" apparel and accessories can or has an effect on our society, economic well-being, etc, that is irreversible. 

She mentions that both mass production and mass consumption of poorly made pieces as well as fleeting trends have done a number on what was once a respected fashion industry. Her answer to this problem is to start implementing a few changes on how we shop and how we care about our clothes.

The bottom line is to spend more on higher quality clothing and less junk and to pay more attention and care to your existing garments. I'm not advocating for you to go out there and spend $$$ on high quality items that you can't afford but more of, take a step back and spend your money on items that will always a classic- a trenchcoat, a pencil skirt, a button up top, etc. 

5. Netflix- it's amazing how this site brings us close to all the movies that we've seen growing up, haven't seen, etc... I've been catching up on all my tv shows now that we don't have cable or a DVR. :( 

I'd love to hear what you think... and, until next time... 


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