The work still continues...

... even though we've partied now and then...

I know, it's been awhile since I last posted about the house. It is now June and work on the house has been called to a halt. After, all the craziness back in April, Tom decided to take some needed R&R. Well, he kinda had to, he said he lost all feeling in his fingers due to putting all that Spackle by hand. I might be stretching the truth a little bit, but, he really did have some limited motor capabilities in his fingers. But, I think, he is ready to get back to the groove. I know, I for one am ready for the floors to be done. And, then, we can move on to different projects. 

I mentioned in a previous blog, Floor board by Floor board, that we had a housewarming party back in April. My family came up and visited and saw the house. And, made delicious food to feed us and the guests. I can say from the bottom of my heart and I'm sure that Tom shares the same sentiment that we are two very lucky and blessed people to be surrounded by family and friends, who share in our endeavors. Thank you. 

Here are some snippets from that day... And, here are snippets from the day before
Made by mother dearest.
Auntie making her signature beef steak.
Looks good, right?
The cousins, Marc and Marvin, with Bijou, lounging in the backyard.
What party is ready without some Sprinkles?
Great friends!
More food.
With papa.
Another kitchen shot.

Yes, bringing some torta home. 

Until next time... 


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