If I had a Pensieve...

 ...I would go back and relive some of the best memories to date... But, alas, it only exists in the world of Harry Potter. But, if one did exist, I'd travel back and watch again and again, how the hubby proposed to me. 

It wasn't perfect, since he couldn't do his original plan, but, in the end, all that mattered was that I said yes.

We were travelling through Italy, back in 2009 and saw all the highlights that Italy has to offer. We hit all the big cities- Rome, Milan, Florence and Venice. We did many side tours along the way and fell in love with Tuscany. It was everything a girl could ever hoped for... Life there seemed idyllic, a far cry, from the hustle and bustle that is home. And, this was our Roman Italian Holiday. 

I'll hit all the highlights of our trip but the main event was the proposal. 

Rome- I wish that we could take it all back and not have toured this grand city with a tour group. Maybe, that's what ruined it for me. We didn't get a chance to really see the city.

Milan- I was attacked by pigeons. I'm not kidding. Ask Tom. Or not. I think he was too busy trying not to laugh at me as I was trying to run away. The Duomo was great and the  Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II was even better. I was in awe of all the architecture, especially the attention to detail. Plus, it helped that it was a shopping haven to all the top brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel and others.

Florence- Nothing can be said of this place and its surrounding areas except that it was perfect. The food, the wine, the people. And, the Bed & Breakfast we stayed at, was also probably the biggest of our trip. And, it had a tub! 

Venice- Well, this is where the hubby proposed on our last full day in Italy. And, that was when everything sort of went awry. We were walking back to our hotel after dinner and he had mentioned that he wanted to "take pictures" early in the morning. To catch the morning golden hour of the day. This should have caused the alarm bells in my head to ring, since, he never ever suggests to wake up early. Ever. But, with the beauty of Venice surrounding us, it didn't occur to me to think anything was up. Too bad we found a note on the hotel lobby that we were going to be prisoners in our hotel room until noon the next day. It was the yearly flooding in Venice. They called it Acqua Alta. Fun times! Everywhere you looked the next day- water, water, water. In the streets, in the market, even in the hotel lobby! Here are some articles about it- Venice Floods and Venice Under Water. It probably went up two - three feet in the alley. I'm not sure. But, I was going on about wanting galoshes so that I could splash around but Tom was trying to get my attention to propose on the balcony of the hotel we stayed at, high up. It was perfect- I have a story on how I got my guy to propose. And, the moral of the story rather, the happy ending- he also got the girl.   

Hotel lobby flooded.
In the moment. This was taken right after he proposed. 
Happy days...


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