Marni at H&M

Yesterday, March 8th, was D-day for Marni at H&M. It was the latest collaboration between the Swedish clothing store and the Italian label. This collaboration was announced last year in November for release in March, just in time for spring. Marni has been described as "quirky", "feminine" and "off-beat." And, this collaboration clearly showcases what Marni is known for, which is a lot of colorblocking, the use of texture, and utilizing unusual shapes as well as mixing in bright colors with blue, brown and etc. 

Here is a peep into the lookbook for Marni at H&M, courtesy of Huffington Post. 

I was one of the many people, who lined up outside their local H&M store, in an effort to store even one item. Many H&M stores opened earlier than usual for the special launch of Marni at H&M. Stores opened at 8am. My closest H&M was at Santana Row in San Jose. I made it to the store around 6:45am, and there was already a line. See picture to the right. I was about 50 or 55 in line. And, there were many more people that showed up behind me. The great thing about the launches at H&M is that you are given a wristband that is color coded by group. Thirty people per color band and each band has a time that allows you in the store. You have approximately 15 minutes to shop in the store in the designated area that houses the collection. 

Just 15 minutes, not long enough. It was just enough time, really. My major concern was that I was going to be in one of the later groups, but, thankfully, I was in the second group. And, I have never been so happy to be inside a store where it was warm, when it came time for my group to shop. 

All in all, I was glad that I took the time to be out there in order to get some goods. I came home with at least four items that I had wanted to get plus a sweater for the hubby. I wasn't able to get any accessories but I love my blouses and jacket. I got the same blue dotted jacket that is shown on the model in the first photo. It was my first time being out there for a launch for a collaboration with H&M and I think that I will probably so do again in the future. 

Here is a picture of some of my loot: (pictures courtesy of Huffington Post)
Love the texture and shape of this jacket!

I love the bright pink and yellow. Very spring!


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