A house snippet here and there...

"My home is kind of like a showroom"
- Claudia Buchanan

The grand reveal of our home will be many a post later. I've done little tidbits here and there to whet your appetites. But, more will be revealed later. It would be great if I could reveal everything all at one time, but, what would be the point. I'd like for you to enjoy the journey with us. 

It has been almost six months since Tom and I have become homeowners. It has been incredible and amazing, how vastly different it is to say, "At my house..." It feels great. And, more importantly, we are building roots. This is the place that we have decided to call our own. I have to admit that when we started the process of looking into buying a home, I was daunted by the idea. So many thoughts went through my head- 'We aren't ready. It's too expensive.' All the usual things that probably go through everyone's minds when they are buying a house. We went through a roller coaster of knowing what we want or like and then turning back, and not knowing what we want or like. Or rather, we knew what we wanted, but we were not seeing eye to eye. But, the trouble and all the friendly arguments have all been worth the hassle. We are proud to be first-time homeowners. (Tom and I are in agreement with this, buying a house seemed like a walk in the park compared to planning a wedding. We got married a year before we got the house last year.)

The past six months have been busy with all the work that we are doing on transforming our place. If you've read, Brick by brick, you know how the house looked like right when we got it. Sterile white! There was no life in the house. But, it eventually got coated with color. Rather, a rainbow of colors... umm, many colors. And, the first BIG discussion was what color was each room going to be. He had his idea, I had my own ideas. Let's just say, some colors got vetoed along the process... We decided on getting our paint from Sherwin Williams. Two reasons, I've bought and used their paint before, but also, because, they had their paint for 30% off. Plus, we would have never have heard of it until my parents told us about it. Round of applause for them, for always looking out after us. 

As the colors got approved and disapproved, it was already Thanksgiving. We've had the house for almost a month and it still looked like how we got it. White, white and white. My parents have been a great source of support and help during this process. They spent their Thanksgiving holiday with us last year- helping us paint, move boxes from the apartment to the house, continue packing  things in boxes. Basically, anything and everything necessary to make the transition smooth. From living in apartments to living in a home. About three rooms got painted and maybe things were brought over from one place to the other. 

So, the moral of the post is... more snippets and tidbits will be coming in regards to the house. If you've been paying close attention, some posts have featured little bits and pieces of the house- Just add vinegar showcased the stove in the kitchen, and Bijou!!! showed our yorkie taking a bath in the kitchen sink... 

Just like Lao Tzu had said, 'A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.' And, I hope all of you can join us on this journey...


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