A Dog's Life, Part III

It's been awhile. :D

Bijou and I just got from the dog park, which will be the topic for this post. He's currently sleeping right now. Crossing my fingers that he really wore himself out at the park today. This was his fifth time going to a dog park.

It's been a great thing for him to be socialized with the other dogs. And, great for us as well, since it lets us socialize with other dog owners. He seems to be one of the youngest or is the youngest one that is out there, so he gets picked on A LOT. But, it doesn't seem to bother him at times, since he can usually find someone his own size that he can play with. Or, he'll stick with me and chase me around the park.

We've gone to two dog parks: Reed Street Dog Park and the Shoreline Dog Park. Both parks have a segregated small and big dog section. We've been going to the small dog section. While, I've only been to the Shoreline Dog Park once, i think that I prefer the Reed Street Dog Park more. It has a grass mound in the middle that the dogs can run on, while the Shoreline Dog Park is all dirt. And, I think Bijou seems to like it better. There are more dogs his size.

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