365 photo project

Soy discovered a fun project called 365photo. The goal of the project is to take and share a picture you took every day of the year. This is something rather ambitious for me so I will have to extra effort in making it part of my routine. I expect to have to dip in to some of the photos I've taken previously in order to complete the project.

In the end however, I think it will be great fun and will force me to learn (and more importantly practice) photography which should ultimately lead to improvements of the photos I capture.

I can say right off the bat that I think I've focused too heavily on the technical aspects of operating a DSLR and less time spent considering the creative and artistic requirements of being a good photographer. I hope to change that after completing this challenge.

There are many websites dedicated to this challenge (possibly even including a local photo club!) but I decided to host my pics on flickr and will post them here everyday too.

That said I welcome anyone else who would like to start a 365 challenge or is already in e middle of one to share their work too!

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