A dog's life, Part II

Hi all!! It is officially 2011. It amazes me how time flies by so quickly.

Our little puppy, Bijou, has grown a lot since the last time I've blogged about him. Today, is his first day in puppy class. It is very important that you socialize your puppy to other dogs and other people in order to make them into great, sociable and friendly dogs. But, note that before you can socialize him, make sure you that your puppy has his 2nd immunization shot at least.

Bijou has been a great addition to our family. And, our parents love him just as well. For both Christmas and New Year's, we went down to SoCal to spend it with our family. Since, it was a six-hour ride down, we started training Bijou to be acclimatize to riding in the car in his crate. The first few times, for me, were hurtful. To my ears. Those little howls and yelps. But, you just have to ignore them until they settle down and reward them as such. By the time, we made the drive, he was a perfect traveler- he slept the whole entire way.

As I mentioned above about socialization, Bijou ended up meeting so many people, he got overwhelmed and stressed out. He wagged his tail and enjoyed the attention lavished on him by our relatives and friends. But, as the night progressed and as many more guests arrived, he became stressed out. But, he got used to it by the time, New Year's Eve came along. He was playing with the kids.

More to come...

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