April Photo A Day Update

A photo a day, keeps the ____________ away...

Here is the latest round of photos that made its way into the Photo A Day challenge for the month of April. And, April is almost over. The photo challenge for May is now up as well. You can check out fatmumslim for details or this post from earlier this week.

These photos are from April 16th to the 23rd. Enjoy. 

April 16th- Flower
April 17th- Something you don't like... Leaving these two...
April 18th- Hair
April 19th- Orange. My shades of orange.
April 20th- Something you drew
April 21st- Bottles. Water bottles at Tootsies at the Barn in Palo Alto.
April 22nd- The last thing you bought.
April 23rd- Vegetable.


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