April showers...

... bring May flowers.

From pinterest

If a falling leaf is symbolic of autumn, then a budding leaf is symbolic of spring

With every turn of the year, why don't you turn over a new leaf and try something new?

It's one question that I keep asking myself. How can I make myself better? And, the answer always seems to elude me, but, I know, that it is staring right at me. I am sure that with every single day, I am, turning over into a new leaf and becoming a better person than I was before. It's a slow process and doesn't seem to happen overnight, just like how flowers don't just magically bloom overnight. It takes time for the magic to happen. And, good things come to those who wait. 

For me, this time around, I've stated that I will continue working on the blog and get it out there to the huge masses and hopefully, crossing fingers, eventually have a following of people, who enjoy what it is that I blog about. This is one step in turning over into a new leaf for me. And, there are many others...

Until, next time... 


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