Food Scene :: 1 oz Coffee

There's a new coffee shop in downtown Mountain View. I had meant to write a blog post about it last month but life happened. I figured I'll crawl out of my shell and write a brief post about it.  Coffee is a always a great idea. At any time of the day. And during any type of weather. The Bay Area is getting tons of rain this whole week. This weekend or last weekend would have been a great time for us to have gone to Tahoe, unlike last month - see here.  The little mister and I ran into 1 oz Coffee to get my usual Mocha and a Kid's Hot Chocolate for him before an appointment. 

You can find 1 oz Coffee right next to the UPS Store in downtown Mountain View. It used to be a juice place but now is a coffee shop. In my opinion, much better deal. The place itself is small and minimalist in its design. But, we are not here to talk about its design, we want to hear about the coffee. I like it. I love it. Better yet, just go! Just go check it out for yourself and then let me know what you think. 



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