Kid Scene :: Habitot

We spent the morning today playing at Habitot. It was a bit of a drive but the two hours spent playing and discovering by the Little man and the little lady was worth it. 

If you fancy the drive up to Berkeley for a morning out with the kids, feel free to check out Habitot. Right now, the museum has its Fall & Winter hours - meaning, they are open everyday, starting at 9:30am. Monday and Tuesday, the museum is open until 12:30pm, while the other days, they are open until 430pm. For a one day pass, tickets can run $12 per person, starting 12 months and up. You can also get a membership pass as well as a 10-visit pass.

Habitot is a great place for children 5 and under to embrace being children. The exhibits at Habitot are imaginative, multi-sensory and are designed to encourage children to interact not just with the exhibit but also with other children. Habitot provides a diversity of areas that provides opportunities for play. There a water play area, an art area, a cafe and even a wiggle wall, where children can climb through . 

The workers at Habitot are also very nice. In the art room, they seem to always make sure that paper or the art wall has been stripped clean, ready for the next child to create their own artwork. The museum is pretty small and can get pretty crowded, especially with the children riding the trucks up and down the main hallway. 

One thing to note - Habitot is a nut-free zone, so please make sure that if you do bring snacks that it is free of nuts. 



Does this place get the thumbs up from the littles? Yes.
Would we come back? Probably, if we don't mind the drive.


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