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Jupiter Beer in Berkeley did not disappoint! We made the trek up to Berkeley for some local sightseeing- a stop at Habitot for the kids, food and beer, and then a stop at a fabric store.

After spending a couple of hours at Habitot with the children, you can bet that all of us were hungry. Jupiter Beer was a short five minute walk from Habitot. The wood-fired pizzas as well as local handcrafted ales were calling our name. Jupiter Beer has been locally owned and operated since 1992. It's founder, John Martin, already an established name in craft beer (he started Triple Rock Brewery & Alehouse), wanted to focus on the perfect customer experience.

What we ordered:
- Petaluma chicken wings
- two pizzas :: Cassiopeia and Eutropia

Verdict - beyond amazing! We devoured everything! The Cassiopeia, a BBQ Chicken pizza, was just the right amount of BBQ and tangy-ness. The Eutropia was a hit with the children - all meat!

They have a great selection of beers, both house and guest taps, as you can see in the photos below.

List of beers on taps - both house and guest beers.


Chicken wings - highly recommend!
Oh the crusts are amazing! Can be GF as well. 

Everything tasted amazing! My youngest ate almost four slices of pizza all on his own. I think that just shows how amazing the pizza was. We enjoyed that the names of the food and beers were space themed. My husband enjoyed reading the beer names - Quasar, Red Spot.

Would we come back? YES!
Do we recommend this place? Definitely!


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