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Zara - Leather Two-tone High Heel Court Shoe

With a toddler running around the house, there is never a time or place for me to wear high heels. Now, every time I take a look at my shoes, I reminisce on the times when I use to wear them all the time. With another child on the way, wearing high heels might become a very distant memory for me. But, I can still dream and maybe, be able to wear them again... someday, soon. 

I saw these two-tone shoes on the Zara and immediately took a liking to them. I love the two colors and how it subtly screams "SPRING!" I'm not sure how comfortable the shoes are for women from Zara, but I do know that the shoes for their young kids line is very comfortable. My toddler can attest to that. She has pretty much worn in her two shoes from Zara and I am now in the market to buy her another pair. 

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