Motherhood Musings :: Rise & Shine

Mornings are a little different now with a toddler around. Gone are the days where both the hubby and I can just lounge around in bed and not roll out until mid-day. The little peanut is an early riser, rising right when the sun hits the bedroom window just right. But, she's learned to lounge in bed for a few minutes, snuggling with me and then rising as we both get up to go about our days and get ready to tackle it. Daddy just ends up getting up having to let Bijou out the backyard, for him to do his business.

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With us changing the clocks forward yesterday, the next few mornings are going to be a little tough on us as well as bedtime. Yesterday, the little peanut woke up at 6:15, which was 5:15 before the time change, and I managed to coax her back to sleep for another hour. Not really, but she did just lounge in bed with us, until, Bijou woke up and started barking.

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