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Hello, hello!

How is everyone enjoying the rain? I just love listening to the sound of the falling rain. It is very soothing. It's no wonder that sound machines actually have them included. Right now, I am just sitting here, looking outside to my backyard and watching the gray clouds roll in and getting ready to drop another storm on us.

The calm before the storm.
The picture to the left is from Friday just as the storm was rolling in. Don't you just love the juxtaposition of the sun behind me and the dark gray clouds in front? This was taken just a few seconds just before it started pouring. It started down pouring thirty minutes later. I do love the rain! The little one and I have been having lots of cuddles and drinking hot chocolate. And, having to figure out what activities to do with the little one, while it's been raining.

This past week had me running around being busy, cleaning and nesting and taking care of not just the little one but the hubby as well.

1. Lots of tea for the hubby, who was not feeling well for part of this week.

2. Dessert and coffee date with one of our friends at the newest cafe that opened in downtown Mountain View - La PanotiQ. I plan to do a review later on this place and after having gone here, I will definitely go again. The apple beignet was amazing as well as the hot chocolate, that the little one decided not to share with me. The only downside to this place, is that it is not toddler friendly. They have no high chairs available, so if you have an active toddler, like I do, it's best to keep them strapped in a stroller or have your coffee date to go.

3. We braved a trip to IKEA on Saturday and got there just before they 'officially' opened the store at 10am. There were already people milling around at the store when we got there by about 9:50. It was a successful trip with us in and out of there in under 3 hours, including eating lunch. Yum to meatballs. Granted, this was my second trip to the store this week, having met up with a friend and an old coworker there for lunch along with her little man.

4. Looking forward to have tri-tip tonight. And, maybe watching Gone Girl on DVD. I've finished the book awhile back and will be going to a book club to talk about it in a few weeks.

5. Looking forward to the new week with many more projects to do.

Until, next time!


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