Nesting Mode On

Happy 1st of the month, everybody!

So, Patriots won the Superbowl. As mentioned, in an earlier post {here}, I'm not a huge football fan but will appreciate a good game every now and then. Especially, if friends are more than willing to explain exactly what happened. 

Aside, from it being Superbowl Sunday, I've been very excited to get our kitchen cabinets retrofitted with new pull-out shelving units. Insert happy dance. It's also been a long two nights since the little one has been waking up crying. She's been teething and it seems like she's cutting her molars. :( Last night, was the first time that the hubby and I had to put some Orajel on her gums to help put her to sleep and calm down. Any tips on how to help the little one with teething? this is the first time that it is bothering her and affecting her sleep. 

New home for pots and pans. 
Back to the kitchen, the kitchen has been on my list of projects to tackle since the new year started and would like finished before the little bean arrives. It's safe to say that I've been in nesting mode since the holidays and the list of projects I'd like to get done gets longer and longer.

We went to a House and Garden Show last year and came across a company, who will retrofit pull-out shelving units for your kitchen cabinets. Having pull-out shelves would make it easier to get to much needed pots and pans and bakeware. 

Late saturday afternoon was spent cleaning out the kitchen and moving everything into the garage to have a clean slate. Plus, it also helped the guy installing the shelves have an easier time. The hubby and I decided to reorganize the kitchen and have just all the necessary stuff that we need and get ride of stuff that we don't use or need at all. 

The pictures to the left show the finished product once installation was completed. It only took about five hours and it looks great. Having the new shelves makes the kitchen seem like a new kitchen. 

I'm very happy with our new updated shelves and it would make it easier for me to work around the kitchen, especially with my little one helping. 

Here's a little something to watch or read for the night:

- Old Spice Superbowl commercial.

- Interested in watching this movie.

Until, next time!


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