Strawberry Fever!

Such gorgeous weather out right now in Ventura County! 

After such hot weather, it has started cooling down. We are in town to visit family and friends, driving down from the Bay to escape the hot weather there, only to be greeted by even hotter weather in Ventura. Ventura County has been experiencing record breaking temperatures and it made me long for a nice breeze along the beach. And, the weather gods listened! This day has been amazing with nice breezes. 

As stated by the title, it is strawberry fever right now in Ventura County in Oxnard. It is the annual Strawberry Festival.

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It is this weekend only- May 17th to 18th, 2014. Doors open at 10am and close at 630pm (If you want, you can still go today before doors close). Traffic will be bad and they suggest to take the shuttles provided, as since parking will also be a problem. 

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Like any other festival, there are events and attractions- a Strawberry Pie Eating Contest, a Strawberry Relay Race, a Strawberry Build Off Cake Contest and for the small ones, a Berry Best Dressed Baby Contest. Attractions include musical entertainment to Strawberry Land for Kids and meeting Strawberry Shortcake. See here for more information. 

The Strawberry Festival is home to trying out one of the treasures of the California in many different styles from strawberry pizza to strawberry beer. As for me, I wouldn't mind some chocolate dipped strawberries alongside some strawberry margaritas. There are just some things that strawberries should not be in like bacon. I love bacon but I don't want to try bacon beer. But, that is just me. 

So, if you are in Oxnard, for the weekend, check out the Strawberry Festival


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