Have Baby, Will Fly

Yesterday, we got to be those people. Everyone's favorites: the ones with the crying, screaming baby on the plane. Granted, it was the little one's second airplane ride and considering it was only an hour and 20 minute flight, a few five minutes of crying wasn't so bad. 

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Everything started on the right foot and it seemed like it was going to be a repeat of her first plane ride = nursing during take-off and falling asleep and smiles during the flight and during landing. And, then the cabin air pressure got to her as the plane started descending as it got ready for landing. Que, the tears and the crying. I would have been crying, too, since the cabin pressure also got to me. Strictly, she wanted the whole world to know that she was in pain. The last 10-15 minutes almost seemed like an eternity as you try soothing a crying baby, who doesn't know how to deal with the pressure in their ears. She eventually wore herself out and started nursing and fell asleep within minutes. 

She was all smiles at landing, what a trooper! Aside from this little hiccup, the little one is ready for more flights in the future. On the plus side, she'll be older (she just turned 5 months). And, we'll be more than ready to deal with it when it happens again. 

+ Breastfeed or bottle-feed during take-off and descent
+ Bring a pacifier, if your little one prefers them (our little one does not, so she gets her little Sophie)
+ Relax

If you have any tips on travelling with an infant, please share, I'd like to hear more about them. 


  1. I think it is usually hardest on the parents, other people usually don't mind too much. When they get older you can give them a lolly pop. It gives them a treat so that they will behave AND it helps them with their ears during take off and landing.


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