Diary of a First Time Mom :: Things I Found Out While Pregnant

No amount of books or hearsay from family and friends will ever prepare you for the journey of being pregnant. And, you will find out things by going through the process yourself. And, each pregnancy is different. 

Things I've found out while pregnant:

1. Morning Sickness sucks. 
2. I enjoyed having a 'Super Nose.'
3. Waddling. Can be cute and can also hurt sometimes. 
4. Pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel. I can't even bend my fingers on my right hand before feeling pain. And, also numbness in my fingers. 
5. Contractions will only get worse. But, we've all heard that.
6. Center of balance is shifted forward. When walking, it is very easy to jostle and hurt yourself with the extra weight you are carrying. Especially, during the later weeks of the pregnancy.
7. Walk. A lot. It helps put baby into position, especially during the later weeks. 
8. I love my bump. 

Is there anything else that I might have missed? 


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