Diary of a First Time Mom :: Dogs and Babies

Since finding out we were expecting a little one, the husband and I are being good at trying to introduce our fur baby, Bijou, to all things baby. But, the ultimate test will be when baby comes home with us and they meet for the first time.

I think, subconsciously, Bijou knows about the baby but since the baby isn't around yet, it's still ethereal. And, I think the hubby and I are going through the same thing as well. The baby is here but not here yet and we are very excited to meet him or her.

So, in preparation of introducing the little peanut to the furball, we've learned some tips and guides from friends who've had dogs and kids and from the web:

1. Break any habits now that your dog is used to. 

2. Baby's scent. Bring home a burp cloth or blanket that has baby's scent on it and let your dog smell it. 

3. Introduce dog and baby in a controlled setting. Make sure your dog is in a calm submissive mode.

4. Socialize your dog with other baby's and kids. We've been blessed with this.

5. Never leave baby and dog alone.

6. Baby's safety always comes first!!!

Aren't these pictures cute?

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