Lights, Camera...


"When I have a camera in my hand,
I know no fear."
- Alfred Eisenstaedt

Just this past weekend, the hubby and I, got me a new camera. And, what a great camera it is. I love it! 

It took him... errr... us awhile to figure out what camera we should get. But, we finally settled on one. And, here is the journey on how we came to get the camera we got.

Why get a new camera?

  1. My camera is 'quite' old.
  2. The hubby refuses to let me take my camera anywhere because it is so old. And, he refuses to use it and hands me his camera instead since it his much better low light performance. (His camera is better WAY better than my old one.)
  3. We have a little baby gamer on the way.

What we were looking for:

  1. Ease of use
  2. Ability to take self-portraits using one hand
  3. Quick Auto-focus
  4. Fits in my purse

Here are our top contenders for 'high end compact cameras':

  1. Sony RX100 - Good all rounder, impressively large sensor for a pocketable point and shoot camera.
  2. Canon G1X - Best sensor and performer of the bunch, but as large as entry level DSLRs.
  3. Canon S110 - Smallest physical size on this list so you can always have it on you and it has Canon's version of eye-fi built in, but it's also tied for the smallest sensor and slowest lens of the group. 
  4. Fuji XF1 - Best looking (wow leather!) and good performance but the twist on lens can't be operated with one hand.
Sooo.... the final verdict... is actually none of the above. BUMMER! We ended up getting the Canon G15, which is a great compromise of all four of the above. It's low light and noise performance is most impressive despite it's smaller sensor size however it has a super fast f1.8(wide)-2.8(tele) lens that makes up for it. Expect a boost to images from now on!


  1. How do you like the G15? Can't wait to see some pictures.


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